Consumer Camcorder with extreme low Light and wide angle capability

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Re: Canon WD-43 Wide Converter

ProtoPhoto wrote:

Digitalshooter2 wrote:

Is there any difference between M50/M52/M500 other than memory?

The M500 is a very good option. Here are some things the M52/M50 will do that the M500 won't:

Play or transfer using WiFi connection, connect in a DLNA network, etc.

Conversion from HD to SD in camera (for burning DVDs), as well conversion of AVCHD video for uploading to web. The 50 & 52 can convert for YouTube & Facebook in camera.

Relay recording, this is very useful for long recordings. I do long recordings, and this way the recording automatically rolls from one card to another (really for M41, as M52 only has one card slot), or built in to card. For the 52 relative to 500, and a 32 Gb card, this doubles recording length without stopping and swapping.

I use a powerful video editor on my computer, so I've never worked with these, but for people who want to edit in-camera, the 50 & 52 let you add music, create special effects presets, etc., in camera and then directly play or export, with somewhat more power than the 500.

The 50 & 52 use the Video Browser to import files from the camera and edit them, the 500 can only use the transfer utility program, which is less powerful, particularly with MXP files.

There is an adaptor for the 50 & 52 to directly connect to external hard drives, which the 500 can't. Since hard drives are less expensive than flash memory, this lets you store or set up a back-up archive on the road for less.

Thank you for detailed explanation.  Based on this I have ordered M50.  Should be in my hands by early next week

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