Image quality of G3 with 14/42 PZ lens,

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Re: Image quality of G3 with 14/42 PZ lens,

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In terms of shutter shock, which is what causes these IS problems, the two are the same. In terms of body mass, the G3 has a bit more and the holding up to your eye shooting style may be more secure than holding away in front. The GH2 is usually better than the G3 too, but ultimately this is not removed until the electronic shutter of the G5.

Shutter shock is extremely dependent on the specific camera. I have had this camera+lens combo for nearly a year and have never seen double images. However, I would suggest checking the camera for double image focus for mid-range f/stops and at shutter speeds 1/ 60 - 1/200 should be done immediately upon receipt.

Also dependent on the person and their holding style. The IS loop includes the human operator. The designer of the IS system probably designs it to cover a typical human model, which could be miles away from some particular person. Bottom line, try a lot then you'd know Unfortunately this does not help before buying.

Just to chime in here. Perhaps these tests might help you to decide.



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