Post your pics of colour an BOKEH.

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I read the title and expected to see crutches...

Pictures that are rather unimpressive and really only stand on the merits of the "boke" crutch that is.

I wasn't disapointed.

Instead of obsessing on boke, spend a little bit of time learning to compose so the person actually resides well in the frame, as opposed to having a limb chopped off the side of the frame. Learn to setup the shot so the person is not being hit with harsh, direct sunlight that causes bad shadows and blownout spots. Learn to work with the light so that it causes separation between the subject and the background, then you don't have to rely on boke so completely and you can actually show a portrait of a person *at* a location; instead of a person laid on top of a *smeared* location.

Finally, learn to wait and take a *compelling* shot, not just a shot where the person is standing in a spot that suits well to getting a whole lot of blurry in the background. You know, smiling at the camera wouldn't hurt. Or at least wait until they pull the hair out of their face.

Sorry if all this seems too harsh. But the reality is that there is almost nothing good about that picture.

My number one suggestion, spend time to learn how to make compelling photos with extremely deep dof, such that there is no difference in sharpness between the main subject and the background. Then when you can do that you can *choose* to use boke for added effect, instead of always having to use it as a crutch.


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