GH3 is Excellent but one major flaw, + high ISO images

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Re: GH3 is Excellent but one major flaw, + high ISO images

spacenegroes wrote:

you're reading the title wrong. the translation with full syntax and correct grammar: "The GH3 is excellent but has one major flaw. Also, unrelated to the last two words of the previous sentence, I've attached some high ISO images. Enjoy!"

Pete Berry wrote:

dnew wrote:

The 6400 looks OK to me. Is this a JPEG out of the camera?

Yes. The new JPG engine is doing a remarkable job with both noise suppression and detail preservation. I've got to wonder what the OP's point of comparison is - a D800?? Or measurebating at 200%?

I recently printed out a sample GH3 RAW image in 12x16 size, that could have easily gone to 16x21.3 from viewing on-screen at that size. And I was amazed how good the JPGcompanion image was.

What prompted my response in support of dnew's observation regarding the 6400 images was this quote from the OP:

"The ISO performance is I guess what you would expect for a MFT camera, very good at base ISO 200 and it maintains quality up to 1600 ISO, then it starts to breakdown but this obviously depends on the level of light available. By 3200 you are pushing the sensor but they are still usable, I wouldnt use above 3200 unless you want small prints and can use sone noise reduction PP."

I.e., in no way extraordinary for the whole genre, when in fact only the OMD is in the same league, IMO, with both noise suppression and detail preservation higher ISO levels. Thus my question regarding his point of comparison. The results he describes would be more fitting to my GH2's performance.


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