Sigmas are $149 at Adorama today

Started Nov 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sigmas are $149 at Adorama today

paultakeda wrote:

I wonder about this lens. I have the PL25 and the FT 35 macro, so it's a little hard to justify.

If I owned the PL25, I wouldn't own the Sigma 30.  They are so close and the PL25 is so superior.
Except, what I like about the Sigma when mounted to my E-PL1, I don't really have to worry about camera theft. No self-respecting criminal is going to steal the nondescript E-PL1 with the even blander Sigma 30mm.

The thieves guild would probably kick that guy out when he unveiled his stolen wares.

And if the combination is stolen (or I lose them), I can replace both for $300.   And they take amazingly great photos.

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