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Photo Edit Software review

Hopefully, some folks will find this list of applications and links useful.

I had been offered an upgrade from Corel for Corel PaintShop Pro X5. Before purchasing the upgrade, I was interested in what was available to work with photos today. Some specific functionality was called for in my evaluation.

I wanted 64 bit native, multi-CPU, GPU would be nice, RAW, PNG, 48 bit TIFF and Layers. Some products listed here do this, many do not.

Over time, my list grew from the traditional incumbents to more than thirteen products.

ACDSee Pro $69.99

Adobe Lightroom $119.20

Adobe Photoshop $699.00

Adobe PhotoShop Elements $59.99

Corel PaintShop Pro $39.99

DxO Optics Pro $169.00


Google Picasa Free

Magix Xara $89.00

Nikon Capture NX2 $134.95

PhaseOne Capture 229 Euro

Photo POS Pro Free

Photofiltre 29 Euro

PhotoLine  59 Euro

RAW Therapee Free

Serif PhotoPlus $89.99

SILKYPIX $328.23

Some of the prices for the products are fluctuating right now, due to Black Friday and pre-Christmas pricing, Lightroom, Elements, and PaintShop Pro all seem to be at more than 60% off in some cases.

Cost for all these products ranged from free to more than $700.00 USD.

Some products are 64 bit native, some support multi-core CPU processing, some GPU processing, some do 16 bit/channel, drop down to 8 bit and then go back to 16 bit, some tell you, some do not. Some stay at 16 bit /channel.  Some products have a traditional User Interface, others make use of a new style of User Interface, geared towards a workflow metaphor of traditional photographic work. Some do this new User Interface very well, others do not. Many of the new User Interface styles, eschew the use of Layers. I can do things with Layers that I could not do otherwise, but, that’s me. Some products are of little value. Others show potential for the future, but are not yet ready for prime time. Some products fit right smack dab in the middle of the high end consumer user, with great features, ease of use, good results and low cost.

I believe that people should install and evaluate the software provided by the camera manufacturer with their camera. It’s free, it works and it will help you become familiar with photo edit software and the camera.

Seriously consider looking at the new User Interface based applications. These are Nikon Capture NX 2, DxO Optics Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and ACDSee Pro. These are probably the only applications the majority of Digital Photographers will ever need for processing photos.

PhotoShop, PhotoShop Elements, Corell PaintShop Pro, Serif PhotoPlus and SILKYPIX all make use of the tradition User Interface and have many more tools for editing photos, in addition to processing photos. All the other applications.

After all the installs and uninstalls and quick looks at the various applications, I upgraded Corel PainShop Pro for $29.00, it’s cheap today, and it came with free shipping for the box set.

In the end, I will continue to use Nikon View NX 2, PaintShop Pro, IrfanView , Microsoft ICE and Luminance HDR , the last two being 64 bit native and the last three being free.

I transfer files from the camera to PC with Nikon View NX2 and use View to convert them to 16 bit / channel TIFF. I may or may not make some deletions and adjustments in View. I then process and edit with PaintShop. At times, I stitch a group of photos together with Microsoft ICE, and sometimes I enhance non-flash shots of bracketed images from inside buildings with Luminance HDR. Generally, I use a dye-sublimation printer, larger stuff on a Canon and at times go out to a printing shop for high end colour stuff.

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