m43 image quality and DOF

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Re: m43 image quality and DOF

CharlesB58 wrote:

There a pros using m4/3 to good effect. If someone's living depends on the quality of their images, and they are happy with m4/3 (at least for certain situations, but not necessarily all) then someone shooting for personal enjoyment really shouldn't be too troubled by such comparisons.

IMO, 90% of the people agonizing or arguing about sensor size don't utilize any given camera fully enough for it to be an issue other than on forums like this.

The way I see it, choose your camera based on how much you enjoy using it and whether the images suit your personal style. Asking people for advice about which camera to buy is sort of like asking others to tell you which music you should like.

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.

Thanks, but many times someone has recomended me a song, or a group, and it has been successful becaused I liked them and suited my style !!!

I only tried to ask for experiences of people who have tried EPL-2 generation cameras and the actual ones, and who can tell me if the evolution is worth it before spending my money, trying the camera and not liking it.

I know what I want to photograph, I know what suits my "actual" personal style, and only ask if the EPL-5 or OMD-5 will be more than enough for that compared to the vastly commented APS-C sized sensors, in the opinions of people with experience.

I think that many cameras have more capabilities than what an amateur photographer can extract from them. But normal people are tempted by the idea of having a shortcut in their skills and learning curve with better gear and with the experience of others who have passed throgh it befeore.. We are only humans.

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