Which FX for my new little business ?

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Re: I would steer you the other way.....

RomanJohnston wrote:

I would upgrade and build your kit of lenses. Primes that work well for you and use your current camera till you have mastered it.

Basically photography is photography...

The basic idea is if you learn to drive a stick shift...you SHOULD be able to drive anything.

Keep improving with your current gear, upgrade you lenses as you can to match your vision of what you want to create. I could see a short, mid and longer prime, and maybe a zoom or two.

Then upgrade your body later as you master your shooting and figure out the pieces you need by the hurdles you have to jump.

I would also consider signing up on Kelby Online. Its about 24.00 a month and they have a lot of not only photoshop video tutorials, but some very qualified shooters with studio and location shoots to help you get an idea of where to go and what they are doing.

Invest in yourself first....then gear as you find your hurdles. I guarantee you some of the talented folks here could make your current camera sing in ways you did not know it could. Eventually you will want to upgrade but investing in yourself will give you more return on the money not to mention your confidence...and will eventually build your road map of where you want to go when you start making enough to justify equipment upgrades.


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Thank you so much for the advise ...you are absolutely right., I am now taking online courses to further improve myself, and will add a couple of primes to my kit, and was planning on the body now but I guess I will wait and see how it goes

thanks for everyone who tried to help

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