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Re: Canon T4i - Accessories

sacnav wrote:

Thanks a lot.. I ordered my T4i through Amazon and expected to get it on 11/27

Below are the items i ordered:

  • T4i with 18-135 IS STM lens
  • 55-250 IS - got it on deal as you mentioned for $70 .. wow!
  • Hoya UV filter - $20
  • Lens Hood - 67mm - Adorama brand (went with cheap one) - $8
  • Amazon basics DSLR bag - free with T4i
  • $50 gift card for class room - free with T4i

Do you have any idea about how good the Amazon basics bag is? Also what to do with the $50 gift card Is there any good course for DSLR beginners?

One question still in my mind is, how good is T4i in handling minor water damage.. Since its winter, i have to take this cam out to take pictures during snow fall Let me know if you have any tips..

Thanks a lot man!

I have no idea bout the courses they offer. I'm interested to find out which one you try.

I'm sure the bag is fine. You just need enough padding so you don't damage anything if something bumps against it.

I also have no idea about the water resistance. The doubt the Rebel series has the weather sealing that the much more expensive models do. If it's raining, just keep it under an umbrella. Some moisture will collect on the front of the lens probably, but it should be a problem.

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