Best MILC for Shooting Figure Skating?

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Leonard Migliore
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That's asking a lot

MicheleR wrote:

I would like to buy a mirrorless camera for my daughter's 16th birthday. She is a figure skater, and she hates the poor quality images the contracted photographers shoot at her events. I know mirrorless isn't in the same league as DSLRs, but I am concerned she won't use the camera if it's too heavy and cumbersome.

So you need a camera that, used by an amateur, gets better results than professionals can obtain. I don't think that camera's been made yet.

I have gone into camera shops to try a few, but I really can't duplicate the rink's challenging shooting environment in a store. The NEX6 with its standard kit lens did not do a good job shooting my quick hand gestures - my hand was a blocky smear of flesh color. The Sony Alpha SLT-A77VQ did an excellent job, but I think it's too big for her.

Big is where it's at. Big sensor, big lens, big camera. Otherwise, it's blocky smear time.

Lighting in the rinks is a challenge: Use of flash is prohibited, skaters move in and out of shadows if the sun is shining, shows use spotlights that change colors, the ice reflects light, it is dark at night...

I'd be worried with a D4 and a professional zoom lens.

Quick movement is the other major challenge: I am talking about shooting Olympic level skaters, not little kids - movement is very fast, especially during spins and jumps. Continuous autofocus and shooting is a must - there is no time to adjust anything during a skater's routine!

Range adds another dimension: Skaters will be close to the shooter at times, but they will also be far away at the opposite end of the rink for part of their routine.

My budget is $1700 for camera, lens and software (if software can easily correct common issues mirrorless cameras have in this environment).

I welcome all suggestions. Thank You!

The conditions you describe are a challenge to professionals; anyone who gets good results must be quite competent in addition to having the best equipment. And they need a top DSLR to even have a chance.

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