m43 image quality and DOF

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Re: m43 image quality and DOF

Thanks.  I sold the EPL-2, it was  typo error.

Just wanted to know how much improvement woul I really get based on owner´s experiences.

Yes, I am after the 75 1.8 because it could give almost 95% of the quality I could get with the canon 135 L, at a smaller size system. But that is supposition only.

My ideal pics are those I see searching in Flickr in canon 135 L and researching street. Have seen some excellent examples with the Oly 75 (anthony leungkc) but there are not many still. That is

I am in doubt because it is a fact that  I believe there is a small difference in IQ in favor of the larger sensors, there are not as many lenses for specialist pictures like the oly 75 right now in sony or fuji, and legacy manual focussing is not my intention for now.

I have very little spare time for taking pics and don´t want to risk on missing pictures due to focuss misses.

So What I think (today) is that m43 although lagging behind a bit in IQ compared to fuji and sony, may have an edge in the system itself, with good range of lenses and specially a couple of them with no rivals right now (45 and 75), and with Oly image stabilisation for all of them.

I am "almost convinced".

Must share a secret, the only thing making me doubt is the Panorama feature in fuji and sony, which attracts me a lot.

If olympus had that feature, I wouldn´t hesitate. But perhaps with an UW like the 9-18 I had on the EPL-2 is not necessary, as shown in the first pic posted.

I konw, someone in this forum would say "why do we need to hear your doubts, go to therapy...." but have found that photography and chatting is cheaper and more regarding.

Thanks for bearing me.

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