Indoor Sports lens recommencation

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Re: Indoor Sports lens recommencation

jamesphotoj wrote:

I am looking for a 300-400mm lens stepping up to 70mm.

I am using a 55mm ,75-300 non-L glass and need to shoot at 6400iso to get enough

lighting when shooting indoor sports. Would like recommendations under $1500 where I can

get more light at the same or greater focal length. Hoping that going from 55-70mm will be helpful.

I use the Canon 7d. I can't use flash indoors. Any recommendations.. I also generally shoot around 300 and f5.6-8 to be able to add a little flexability to the focus..



First off if you are shooting at F8 using ISO 6400- stop it and shoot wide open.

There isn't much available if you want long and fast and cheap.  You could find a used Sigma 100-300/4 HSM and gain a stop over the 70-300/5.6 types.  You could add a 1.4 TC to any of the 70-200/2.8s from Canon or Sigma. You could buy a 300/4 IS prime lens or a 200/2.8 with a 1.4 TC.

None of these option will be fast though and only gain you a stop so you are still looking at shooting at ISO 3200 if you were shooting at ISO 6400 at f5.6. Also none of these options wil let you zoom out wider than about 100mm.

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