In defense of the the 18-55 and 16

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Re: In defense of the the 18-55 and 16

hewitt wrote:

At the risk of sounding like a Sony employee (which I am not), I felt I should say that to get the best out of the 16mm one does not need to resort to zone focus as you suggest. In fact, with the advent of automatic focus do people still use zone focus? I think probably not. Nor, as I hope I demonstrate above, is the 16mm user limited to f8. I hope the attached further makes my point:

Maybe not.  Unless the carousel was moving, you didn't need 1/400 shutter speed!  You could have used f8 in that case, easily.    But yeah, in dimmer light, go ahead and use other apertures -- it's notthat bad!

On an overcast day, I took a number of photos at f6.3 and larger (smaller f-number), and I don't think f8 would make much of a difference.   Yes, the corners improve as you stop down, but only the extreme corners are really a problem anyway; as a practical matter, it just often doesn't affect the photo and at f6.3 it gets cropped off when you print at 8x10 or 11x14 or whatever.

So, I say, get the photo first, then worry about the corners later, but only use wide apertures when necessary.

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