Anybody process G5 movies with iMovie? How do you do it?

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Re: Anybody process G5 movies with iMovie? How do you do it?

SamShootsAll wrote:

dont shoot with the Pana native movie mode...shoot with AVI or MPEG files. You'll lose some details but not buy much. All those Super High Details blah-blah are marketing stuff. the average user will not sit down to edit all their clips.

I have the EP3 and tried the highest setting-imove doesnt recognize it. So I just shoot with AVI which is still DVD quality. I hope this helps

Since Ann stated she is having a problem getting the footage into iMovie, she clearly does want to edit it! And she presumably wants the best quality the camera is capable of...which would be AVCHD (not just a Pana native mode, but also used by Sony and several other companies for their camcorders, compacts and DSL cameras).

There is an answer to the problem here:, basically saying that iMovie can import AVCHD except, unfortunately, 60p files.

There is a free MTS file "wrapper" here, which allows them to be edited as m4v files "without quality loss" in programs such as iMovie. You may still have the issue that iMovie may not support 60p.

Another possibility, customised for the G5 specifically is here:

Unfortunately it costs $35. I have no experience of the product or financial stake in the company, I'm just bringing it to your attention!

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