X-E1 RAW sample processed from LR4.

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Re: X-E1 RAW sample processed from LR4.

Thanks for providing the raw file.  I just the best I could in Lightroom and wasn't able to get it much better; just a touch more sharpening and clarity.

Then, I printed out a cropped section of both the OOC jpg and the Lightroom-processed RAW photo @240 dpi, as if it was being printed at ~13x19 (the largest size my printer is capable of).   Printed, they are very, very close to each other.  I *might* be able to see a tiny improvement in the .jpg, but that could just be because I knew which was which.  Printed at smaller print sizes, I doubt I could tell the difference at all.  Usually, 11x14 is the largest I print.  For someone who regularly prints big, maybe it would make a bigger difference (although in that case, they might be looking at a higher res camera).

Anyhow, it was very useful to see prints from OOC jpg and the LR4-RAW files side by side; it eased some of my concern about the camera.

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