World's best camera?

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Re: World's best camera is the one you have with you.

Jeff Peterman wrote:

If the P&S doesn't have a lens long enough to make the subject in the shot large enough and the sensor size/ISO mean that the subject wouldn't look much better than a blob enlarged ...

If the lighting conditions are tough and the camera doesn't offer manual controls ...

If the light is low, the subject moving, and the sensor doesn't do well at ISOs higher than 200 ...

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Jeff Peterman

Actually I don't really agree with any of that. You can find many award winning images from all the cathegories you mentioned, taken with cameras much worse that today phones. Just do a search.

I would never got this image

. I made in 2009 if I was thinking like you. I had a russian Zenit SLR with a broken selenium meter, a faulty mirror that only took one sharp photo out of five, I only had 10 film positions available, I was shooting the cheapest low quality film expired since 1997, and I was shooting into the sun with the Helios fixed 58mm lens with no coatings at all.

Also this photo

of Bucharest's People's Palace, taken with the iPhone 4s at night from a moving car. How did I do it ?

First the iPhone overexposed the building, so I quickly zoomed with my fingers chose the whitest point at the exposure point, exposure was now fine, locked the exposure got back to the full view with exposure locked. ASked the driver to slow down a bit and took about 25 consecutive photos, hoping was was sharp. Yes, only one was sharp. Probably not exactly your level of IQ required but fine enough for me, for others, for print and for a regional exposition in a pretty big print.

If you want I can share some sport photos too :), but do yourself a favour and do a search on google, there are some amazing photos you might like to see. To bad you just refuse to take photos with anything but a DSLR in many conditions others still do.

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