AF-Assist options for pro bodies

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Re: AF-Assist options for pro bodies

garyb1985 wrote:

The SU-800 would be ace but it's incredibly overpriced. If anyone has favourable experience with these types of trigger I'd like to hear (AF-beam needs to work at close distances ie, 1m).

I have the SU-800. It works very well and with almost all of the 51 AF points on the D3s (in AF-S mode only of course). If you have Nikon flashes already, it's a very easy way to remotely trigger them with full TTL metering and not require a bunch of extra AA batteries. The SU-800 itself is very lightweight courtesy of using only one 123a battery.

If you need something and there's a device that offers you that functionality, I don't see why you wouldn't just buy it and get over the fact that maybe it's a little pricey for what it does. Perhaps there's a reason why other triggers with AF-assist don't get the same good reviews...

FYI, they sell used on ebay for around $150 if you are patient. There's not much to wear out or be abused (unlike a flash) so if I was in the market for one and was feeling cheap, I wouldn't hesitate to buy used.

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