FZ200-a miracle camera?

Started Nov 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
millsart Senior Member • Posts: 2,771
High ISO, focus tracking, shallow DoF, lens selection etc

Plenty of reasons to still prefer a DSLR for many

Due to its small sensor, the FZ200 isn't going to get a very shallow DoF.  Its f2.8 lens helps some, and its nice for a bridge cam, but f2.8 on a small sensor just can't match the likes of f1.4 on a sensor that is 6x larger or so.

Likewise, the FZ200 is again good for a small sensor, but its night and day between it and a good DSLR at higher ISO.  As a sports photographer I often shoot at ISO 6400 for indoor events like volleyball, no way the FZ200 can do that

Same story with tracking AF.  A contrast detect AF system like the FZ200 just can't match a phase detect DSLR when it comes to shooting a running back coming towards you at full speed etc

With the FZ200 your limited to one lens as well.  If 24mm equiv isn't wide enough, your stuck.  With a DSLR you can put on an ultra wide zoom, or a fisheye etc, way more choices

For some, I repeat, some users, the FZ200 makes plenty of sense though.  Its cheap, fun and easy to carry.  Great bang for the buck for things like trips to the zoo, where you'd have to carry a much heavier and far more expensive setup to get the same reach.  You'll get better DoF and high ISO ability for your money, but how much money does one want to spend to just shoot zoo animlas or birds etc right ?

At the same tme, if your buying a camera to shoot your kids indoor sporting events, night football games etc, then FZ200 would be a poor choice.  Its focusing and ISO abilities just won't cut it for that type of work.  A moderate level DSLR and a fast prime, like a 85mm f1.8, which is only a few hundred bucks, will provide a far better tool for basketball etc.  But again, comes down to how badly do you want those shots to spend that type of money.

I've got the older FZ150 and also several high end Nikon DSLR's as I'm a sports photog for a living.  Never take my FZ150 to do actual work, but I far more enjoy going on a family zoo outing with the FZ than the big DSLR rig.  I can get better shots with my D3s and 400mm f2.8 sure, but who wants to drag a 15lb camera rig costing $12000 around all day and miss out on family time.  FZ around my neck doesn't burden me and still can snap nice images to come home and watch on the HDTV to relieve the experience.  Just not going to end up selling them to Nat Geo,  but frankly, even with a $12k camera rig, still doubtful of selling them as there is no market for captive animal photos, so thusly, no real point in even taking the DSLR

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