HEADSHOTS: 85L 1.2 or 100L f/2.8 Macro IS USM?

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Re: HEADSHOTS: 85L 1.2 or 100L f/2.8 Macro IS USM?

Thanks, Foggy.  I owned the non-L 85 some years ago, and came to appreciate the build and optics of the L family and thought the tradeoff in focus speed would be worth it—and it was.
If this discussion were simple a question of 85L or 100L in terms of IQ/focus speed, the smart money would indeed lead the smart money to the "plain-old" 85mm.

HOWEVER, if that's all it was about I would keep the 85L.  It's the additional macro capability that adds another dimension of money-making ability to the lens for my food work that the 85L can't touch.  I would be using macro to make money more often than I would be shooting faster than f/2.8.  I think that kind of sums it all up, doesn't it?  Might have stumbled into the answer that was in my head all along.

Ain't this forum amazing?


foggy wrote:

My suggestion probably won't work for at least 2 reasons but I'll put my ideas on the table anyway. 1. you like the 85mm look on a full frame in your work. And it just works for you. What you are looking for is faster focus. You also need macro for some of your work.

My suggestion for a lens is not an L lens so there is the issue of ego as you said. I look at that as a challenge that for you is only handled if you meet your needs in your photography. The lens I'm talking about is Canons 85mm 1.8 lens, the 1.2 L is a tad sharper, has more contrast etc. But the improvement over the 1.8 is so small that if you did see a difference between the two lenses output, it would most likely be human error. On the 1.2 the soft creamy bokeh is a scoosh more pronounced at settings above 1.8 as compared to the 1.8 lens. You shoot around 3.5 so this should not be an issue. What the 1.8 has is much faster AF, fast enough to use in some sports events.

The 85 1.8 uses 58mm filters so less mass to the elements so faster AF with USM motor. For macro a thought would be use Canons 2 element diopter filters the 250 and 500D they are hard to find, easier in 58mm. But they also stack if you put the 500 on first. You lose no light as you would with an extension tube. They also add no distortion, they do not lessen the quality of the lens they are mounted on.

The 1.8 is not up to L build quality but is very good. The cost right now is $359.00 till 12/1/2012 in the states. So it is a deal as far as price.

Well that’s my thoughts what say you..?


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