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Re: Canon-Adobe collaboration

JackM wrote:

Zee Char wrote:

Hans Kruse wrote:

Well to my way of thinking some kind of reverse engineering must take place.There are camera's yet to be released which lightroom 4 will not be able to recognise and will need to be updated. Just being open minded here too

Do you really think that Adobe need to reverse engineer any RAW format from any camera?

I'd like to pipe in here since I'm on the same subject. I don't really know. Does anybody? Does Canon freely give out their algorithms, etc to competitors? Maybe. Canon is not selling DPP for profit so maybe they do.

I can tell you one thing - one reason I used to avoid LR was because I liked the colors in DPP better. However now that LR has the Canon camera profiles (under the Camera Calibration section on the right), by choosing one of those the colors are identical to what I see in DPP. So I have to assume Canon shares such info with Adobe or makes it public.

With this reverse engineering thing. I had heard that statement so many times - unchallenged at DPR you start to think it must be true. Reversed engineered or not, as I said, I just went with what was pleasing to my eye. Adobe was not 3 years ago but in the last few it has just excelled. Not to mention how much time and storage space I save you so just can't beat it.

Here is a local award winning photographer who owns a business that produces fine art prints for customers. He works entirely with LR so obviously he manages that issue I had with sharpening at export (at one time) quite well.

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