is there a markII M4/3 system round the corner?

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is there a markII M4/3 system round the corner?

Panasonic and Olympus are putting on the market many M4/3 novelties proposing valid alternatives to DSLR enthusiasts and pro users, and at the same time little is coming from the reviewers and users to consolidate the actual state of the art.

This makes me anxious and in particular the presence of two lenses, lumix 12-35/2.8 OIS and 35-100/2.8 OIS, which in analogy to Canon’s 24-70L II and 75-200/2.8L IS II can represent the basis of a M4/3 markII system, not so small and light, not so easily pocketable when disassembled as the M4/3 we have known till today, often considered as “the light bag” complementary to a “heavy FF bag” , but highly performing even in adverse weather conditions and worthy to represent in future an alternative “only bag”.

With Oly OM-D or Pan GH-3 as bodies, possibly the latter for it’s more conventional ergonomics, and for the moment unknown but hopefully better Tracking AF performance. I am addressing myself to stills photographers because I know nothing about movies, but probably the same reasoning applies to movies too.

Quality of the two Pan zooms: there are a few reviews and there is data from the manufacturers. Since I have consolidated the opinion that the virtual MTF data available in the tech. descriptions of the manufacturers is to a high degree confirmed in tests, I have done a comparison between the Panasonic and Canon versions of the two lenses.

Intrapolating the available tech. data, condensed in one average red MTF line of tan. and sagg. lines, comparing 40lines/mm in Pan. lenses and 20lines/mm in Can. lenses. The latter as a “free hand” mean between the 10l/mm and the 30l/mm graph lines. The screen-shot below shows a remarkable equivalence between the two systems, in particular for the longer focal lengths.

From left to right, intrapolated MTF Charts                                                                     1- Canon 24-70/2.8 red line=average 20lines/mm                                                            2- Pan 12-35/2.8 red line=average 40lines/mm                                                                3- Canon 70-200/2.8 red line=average 20lines/mm                                                          4- Pan 35-100/2.8 red line=average 40lines/mm

I agree with those who at this point will think that there is much more lo a lens than MTF graphs, but certainly when MTF data is very good all other optical parameters are good too.

Use of the M4/3 system markII. I took this picture yesterday of a biker who was training at the local motocross circuit, the purists will forgive me, it comes from a Canon APS-C combo (7D + white). The biker was coming towards me at an angle of 30° aprox and at a speed of about 50km/hour. The picture taken when the target was about 45° and 30m dist., it is the second of a burst of 5 RAWs all perfectly in focus with the exception of the first where the AIServo AF was given the opportunity to lock on the target.

biker in action, AIServo AF, 2nd frame of burst of 5

Will this hypothetical M4/3 markII system be capable of taking pics like this in the near future? Is there already a mark II system right now or just behind the corner?

Thanks for contributing with your comments and replies and even more so if you already own the new lenses and cameras.

Regards, Vittorio

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