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kathiemtp wrote:

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've been using the D90 for over 3 years now. I usually use the sports mode when out doing bird shots. However, I did a course with Steve Parish, Darran Leal and Mark Galer on the weekend. Darran was suggesting we use our DSLRs in AP (A) mode most of the time with ISO400 and F5.6 setting. I was trying that out today but I find I don't know how to make the focus point go where I want it. It seems to be set to multiple focus mode and I want it single and movable to where I want to move it. Is that possible to do in A mode?

OK Try setting the focus area mode to dynamic. This allows you to choose the sensor for initial focus, but will use the other focus points to attempt to track your subject when it moves. The centre focus sensor is a more accurate type than the others. If you select the central point and place it on the birds eye then acquire focus. This often gives a pleasing composition since with the birds eye in the centre it will be off centre with some space in front of it.

If you find this works, you can then experiment with moving the focus sensor to other points using the 4 way controller. Make sure you don't have the little switch below it set to the lock position. You will also find that you can only change the point selection when the metering is active. If it doesn't move tap the shutter to re-activate the metering.



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