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The Nec is a Pro monitor and the Dell consumer class.

The PRO line from NEC(P/PA) , Eizo(CG/SX) and QUATO have a programmable hardware internal LUT(14 to 16 bit) and it is much better than using the graphics card LUT(8-bit).
The Dell U2410, U2711 and U3011 they got a NON programmable hardware internal LUT(12-bit)
at least it is better than nothing, but the calibration curves still in the graphics card 8-bit LUT.


The calibration in the PRO monitors do not lose tones

Do not confuse the LUT thing with the 10-bit output

First decide if need wide gamut monitor or not, check


and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0bxSD-Xx-Q

Then check the reviews:

TFT Central


PRAD and the more updated German version

In the Prad reviews pay attention to:

-The UGRA test (download the PDF)

-The panel brightness distribution

-The gamut coverage (good place to compare)

-Profile accuracy and the calibration curves, the good ones are in 45º

-The contrast is the least important as any monitor have more contrast than any paper print

-Give preference to monitors that does not use PWM

-Only choose monitors with IPS/PLS panels and avoid TN panels!

TN panels have less than 178º viewing angle

-Give preference to 8-bit or 10-bit panels and avoid 6-bit

Complementary info:



Reviews for calibration devices:



To calibrate a NON PRO monitor I prefer to use the FREE and super excellent Argyll + dispcalGUI

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