EX2 has been announced

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Re: EX2 has been announced

I used the Remote Viewfinder app with an iPod touch. Slow (zooming and capture) to the point of being nearly useless - and the view through the iPod seemed a fair bit darker, too. Maybe I will give it a spin on my wife's Galaxy SII and see if results improve. I will post back if it does.

Based on my initial impressions, this is probably an excellent cam that can replicate most of the image quality of an APS-C cam with hardly any of the bulk. In some respects, I think the build quality of the Samsung is even better than a Nikon consumer DSLR. So long as it is not expected to perform like a speed demon, it should serve fine... More testing will tell, I guess...

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Samsung has an optional EVF AND better yet, you can use a phone as your remote VF

Good luck in trying to get their software to work on an iPhone or iPad. It never has. It's one reason I returned this camera. Check the comments at the App Store. Awful.

i imagine that it might work with a Samsung phone - no surprise there.

I thought the whole Apple ethos is that nothing should work with their kit and you should only buy Apple. Are you sure it is Samsung's fault?

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