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Re: Confusing Reviews

Michael Melb AU wrote:

Every review is basically correct - just every author writes with his own criteria and from his own level of experience.

Yes, I would agree with that, I had come to the conclusion that some of the reviewers really did not know what they were talking about.

Yes, these EXR cameras in simple P&S mode are more noisy than their conventional counterparts - but it is not noise as such. Camera's extremely proactive NR feature makes shadows look like oil painting. With some experience though, this problem can be bypassed.

OK, so I will have to fiddle around with ISO settings and such to get the best results at low ISO settings.

But at high ISO they really shine - no other small sensor camera I had pleasure to work with comes even close. For example, ISO 1600 is still quite usable, and image looks very good - unless pixel peeping is applied. As for me, the cameras are great, but need some knowledge and skill to take the best of them.

OK, understood.

So here is my advice - if you are not shy of experimenting and figuring out how to get the best of the camera you have - you will be rewarded with great images. But if you require simple solution providing good looking average results - better go plain vanilla cameras of other makers. That's where the dilemma with reviews comes from.

Grand, thank you very much, a lot of food for thought here. I was already thinking that the various modes available would require more than the average time to get to know the camera and that reading the manual (several times) would be required.

Thank you again.

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