LightRoom 4 Fourm--Any Good?

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Re: LightRoom 4 Fourm--Any Good?

For what it's worth:

I have always found that live presentations are very good if you know enough of the basics to understand and take in all of the information being presented. When I am new to some subject I find that I tend to forget much of what is presented. I guess I can only process so much new information before I reach some kind of overload.

Others have suggested video tutorials and those are fine, but I have always liked the idea of books that allow me to go back over and over again when I have some questions. If you have a Kindle you can "borrow" (that is Amazon's term) some books for free to cover some areas you want to learn about. I have been using Lightroom for about a year now so I am not new to it, but the product is so full of functionality that I felt I knew enough to actually pick up a book and read about it. And, using my Kindle, I found Lightroom 4 Made Easy by Dave Kelly.

It is not one of the popular books (or Amazon would probably not allow free "borrowing") but I have found it full of information I never knew and so it has been very, very helpful for me. You might take a look at it or some of the other books that are around.

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