Serious discussion, is the D800 a good(not good) choice for weddings?

Started Nov 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
ScottRH Senior Member • Posts: 1,732
Re: Here's a possible case "for" the D800...

JeffHallPhoto wrote:

I am definitely the odd man out, as I only shoot jpeg for portraits, sports, family shoots. (and I would never, ever attempt a wedding, as I don't like stress...)

What I would state is that if you shoot jpeg, you do not have to use Large/Fine, but can use any other combo of size and jpeg quality. I usually shoot medium fine, or large fine if I need superior detail. What I like most about shooting at 35MP is the ability to crop like crazy. Of course, if I composed every shot correctly, I would never have to crop, would I? What can I say...

Here's what I can show you about cropping. Here's the uncropped shot, and below is a tightly cropped version:

That's all I can say about that...


Nice image, but the crop looks soft.

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