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SHELL999 wrote:

I know there are pro's and con's on both of these cameras, but I really would like an EVF or tilting screen or both. The EMP-2 has neither and I tend to take a lot of photos in bright sunlight.

Does the Olympus have far superior picture quality to the F3???


There is exactly 0% chance that the (modern MFT sensor) EPM2 will have "FAR SUPERIOR picture quality to the (modern APS-C sensor) F3"

i repeat: absolutely ZERO chance.

At best, the image quality will be comparable, with arguments to be made for both sides.

I dont know how you stumbled onto the EPM2 as one of your candidate since it lacks so many features you want ( I suspect that you are under the false impression that the OMD-EM5 is "the best image quality in mirrorless" and when you saw the EPM2 was announced, much cheaper than the OMD-EM5 but "possibly same sensor plus IBIS", you maybe latched onto the idea of getting the EPM2 as an "entry level OMD-EM5" you can actually afford, despite the lack of the swivel screen or EVF You need? Am I close? ).

I get the impression that because you have a price range in mind, and the EPM2 as an unknown quantity that fits in that price range, it's appealing because it holds the promise of being as good in image quality as the OMD-EM5, which is out of your price range.

Get a camera with the ergonomics you need. It's far more critical to your ultimate image quality.

if you want a mirrorless ILC with swivel screen and EVF on a budget, I'd consider a Panasonic G3, which will have an inferior sensor to the NEX F3 and inferior to the EPM2, but has excellent image quality low ISOs, and has both an EVF and swivel screen for well under $400.

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