E-PM1 Recommendations / Questions for Novice

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Re: E-PM1 Recommendations / Questions for Novice

As stated, you're better off asking about the mFT side of your gear in the mFT forum, but for FT lenses ... well, the Viltrox, as suggested, is a cheaper offering and works well.  I've never had an official Panasonic or Olympus adapter, so can't compare, but really this stuff can't be rocket surgery.  There don't seem to be many users of the Viltrox around these parts (though I don't frequent the mFT forums much) but I'd expect quite the stink if they were regularly failing.

Anyway, I picked one up a year ago so my other half can use my FT lenses on her PM1 - some pictures here:  http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/9987944348/albums/viltrox

The important thing (for my money) is the handling for anything larger than, say, a 40-150mm FT lens.  I put the 70-300 mostly for the lulz - it's insanely unbalanced on a PM1.  But for the ZD 40-150mm and the ZD 50, despite the weight imbalance, it's quite ergonomic and usable.

I also picked up an OM-mFT adapter - obviously these rely on manual everything at the lens end.  For a fact we rarely if ever use it, in no small part because I've got FL's up to 300 already covered, and the wider aperture of my manual lenses (OM 50 / 1.8, OM 135 / 2.8 and Hoya 200 / 3.5) just isn't that compelling for the primary user of the PM1.

However .. these lenses are pretty good, especially (as you observe) for the price you can find them on ebay (GBP 30, 75, 30 respectively, JIC you're curious).  If you're using a FT camera (this wasn't clear from your original post) then it's certainly fun to experiment with these ancient relics of a bygone era (etc etc).

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