Serious discussion, is the D800 a good(not good) choice for weddings?

Started Nov 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
hariseldon2007 Regular Member • Posts: 123
Re: Here's a possible case "for" the D800...

D800 works well for me at weddings, previously used a D200 and also use a Leica M9.

D800 has better resolution and far, far better noise performance and improved dynamic range, than the D200 and in addition the focus system is much better and for me a surprise was the huge improvement in ergonomics over the D200.

A good shot from the D200 did and still does look great even in large albums, the D800 is just better, haven't found the file size to be too much of a problem. On workflow, in Lightroom, run through the images, mark those that are unlikely to be used and transfer to a folder, which will be retained until the wedding editing process is concluded and subsequently delete when you are sure you will not have to dive in there and find a picture of someone you have otherwise omitted.

Do the necessary edits and then export to JPEGS for client and album, you don't have to make them 36Mp, if 10mp or 20Mp is enough, then its enough.

D800 is a great camera, no buts

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