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I know there are pro's and con's on both of these cameras, but I really would like an EVF or tilting screen or both. The EMP-2 has neither and I tend to take a lot of photos in bright sunlight.

When a camera does not have the features or options you want or need then don't buy it, it weill freustrate you in the end. But there are other mirrorless cameras out there from Olympus (and panansonic) with the options you want like the Pen EPL-5

When you realy want an EVF it can be a good thing to look at a camera with build in VF like the Nex 6 or the OM-D.

Does the Olympus have far superior picture quality to the F3???

All modern large sensor mirrorless cameras have very good immage quality, differences in real life picrtures are mostly not noticable when you look at them as a total in print or on your screen. The photographer brings more to the IQ then the camera does.

What will be most important is the way the camera feels in your hands. Go to a shop and try the cameras of your choice and go for the one you find handling best, that is more important then all the other stuff (unless you realy need a special lens that is ony available for one of the cameras of your choice.


In response , you are absolutlely right. I have held the NEx F3 and it just felt so comfortable. I've yet to hold the EMP-2. Money is a real issue at the moment and I think I might go with a "motto" I often use in Life......."When in Doubt, Don't"..... I i'm not completely satisfied with a camera at the moment I just won't buy it. As you say, if I buy something now that I don't really feel happy with it WILL frustrate me.

Btw, can you tell me what the idea is of "Black Friday""""???? I'm assuming it's something to do with stores in the USA"""??


Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving (big US holiday) and traditional start of Christmas shopping. The big shopping chains like to start of the shopping season (one month long) with deep discounts to get the buyers inside the store--American consumerism at it's height.

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