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Re: 7D 580ex trigger

Hi again, Roger.

I can think of only three configurations that would produce what you report.

1. 7D + 622 in Remote mode. Camera menu set to ETT: mode.
622 + 580EX set on-flash to Wireless OFF, and Manual mode.

The canera menu setting is unable to over-ride the flash's setting, because the 580EX cannot [rocess the required data flows through its hot-foot pins. (As a slave its wireless sensor has a path for the commands direct to its processor.)

Result - Flash's ETTL cannot be engaged, and flash works only in Manual as set on the flash.

2. 7D + 622 in Mix mode (Channel indicator stays lit). Camera menu forced to ETTL.
622 + 580EX set to Wireless Off, and Manual mode.

Mix mode means that on-flash settings over-ride menu settings. Although the menu says ETTL, the Mix Mode setting over-rides it.

Result - Flash works only in Manual as set on the flash.

3. Flash is connected by PC-sync cable and adapter hot-foot.

Result - flash will react to 1st curtain sync, 2nd curtain sync or pre-shutter sync, and fire as a dumb flash.

If the 7D, 622s and 580EX are correctly set for ETTL, the 580EX will handle ETTL correctly, including any FEC set by camera button, flash control menu or Quick Panel.

The 580EX is incapable of handling most of the menu items, including Manual gtoup settings. That came in 2007 with the 40D, 1D III, 580EX II and 430EX II. It's all Canon, not Yongnuo.

Best wishes

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