"What is a scenery... to you?"

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Re: "What is a scenery... to you?"

ConanFuji wrote:

To me,

1/ a scenery is a landscape, cityscape, oceanscape... etc which mimics what I can see.

Definitely. In the context of your challenge series I wouldn't assign a different meaning to it.
In another context however it can be a stage of a theatre, a setup on my dining table in a relatively small spaceā€¦
In the theatrical sense it could be a single bench too.

2/ It has to be landscape orientation,

Probably, because landscape is the native format for scenery but I wouldn't be so strict with the format. (e.g. waterfall)

3/ bokeh's are not suitable, as the human eye cannot see bokehs

I wouldn't totally exclude bokeh. You can have foreground flowers in landscape scenery that should be still OK.

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