Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

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Re: Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

rattymouse wrote:

Jay A wrote:

Well, if I have the camera hanging from my neck, see something that I want to shoot quickly, and then lift the camera to my eye, if it's a bright scene I can barely see anything through the viewfinder until it adjusts to that brighter scene. By the time this happens, the picture may be lost.

Honestly you guys are making light of this but it can be a problem.

I can easily see how what you describe can be a big problem. This would be totally unacceptable to me since I am often trying to shoot fast in a changing lighting environment. Well done bringing up this important point.

My wife has a camera (Panasonic GH2) with an EVF and I took that one out of the closet to compare. There is no comparison whatsoever. When I lift hers to my eye, the EVF adjusts almost instantly.

Panny can do it, but the fan boys here will give Fuji a free pass on this.

You have one report from the OP that frankly seems a bit of an exaggeration and you're already ready to throw Fuji and the X-E1 under the bus?

I have the GH2 and an XP1, and have tried the NEX-7 down at Adorama, there is no way in the world that the 2.3 million pixel OLED EVF of the NEX-7/X-E1 is inferior performance wise to the 1.4 million pixel EVF of the GH2.  I'm just not buying it.

But all EVFs have a certain amount of lag, but my guess is the OP is exaggerating the 1 second time it takes to read the light and adjust.

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