Took Ken Rockwells advice against my better judgement. Mistake.....

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Re: Took Ken Rockwells advice against my better judgement. Mistake.....

sshoihet wrote:

digitalman4242 wrote:

I was reading his review on the D600 and D800. He was talking about Nikons new DSLR's having a green tint since after the D700. And a easy way to fix it was adjusting the WB on the camera moving it down one notch. He was right it does get rid of the green cast. It repalces it with a purple/magenta one. I thought maybe it would just balance things out a little. But no. It turns everything purple. I will never listen to this guy again. I should have learned my lesson with the SB400 revoew.

So, he gave some (free) generic advice on what he does and it didn't work. Big deal. Have you looked at his images? He likes everything to look like it was shot on Velvia.
If you want it to be right, set it off a grey card or shoot a card like the X-Rite and set it later. I have no problem with a green cast on my D7000, auto WB is a bit on the cool side but i'm usually ok with that.

When people are talking of the greencast, are you talking about image review on the back of the screen, or on the computer? if t is on the back of the screen. are we in adobe or srgb color space? if it is on the computer are we talking about photoshop here or Nikon's own software products? Ther reason why ask is because I have not experienced it with my D7000. I use capture NX2. I have noted that there are differences with the way photoshop renders colors in the trial versions that I have used.

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