LR4 user wants to buy X-E1, how restrictive is the Adobe/X-Trans issue?

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Re: LR4 user wants to buy X-E1, how restrictive is the Adobe/X-Trans issue?

AstonC wrote:

Thanks very much for this. Very helpful indeed. Looking at your and other's replies, I think I am ready to move from M43 to the X-E1 (and the zoom to start with).

BTW I really love the look of the Astia film simulation.

Just to confirm - the X-E1 corrects for distortion and CA in OOC JPEGs??


Yes, ooc Jpegs are corrected for distortion and CA. Silkypix conversion does the correction as well, but no other RAW reader does, and that's a point in favour of the two steps process (Silkypix+LR). The same should happen with in camera process of RAWs, which some forum members find time consuming, while I think it's quite convenient. I cannot tell for the zoom, have not tried it yet, but keep in mind that even software correction with the 18mm may leave you with quite a lot of CA in the extreme corners, if you happen to have a transition area from strong light to dark there. The extreme corners of the 18 are not a beauty in any sense, and that's the limit of an otherwise wonderful lens.

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