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What kind of eye movement ?

ianbrown wrote:

If your retailer doesn't offer a refund period I would urge you to check the EVF on the GH3 before you buy especially if you are coming from an optical viewfinder.

dont get me wrong this camera ticks most if not all the boxes for someone looking for a mirror less camera, however for me the smearing of the EVF is a distraction and one that has lead me to returning the camera.

Panasonic IMO have done a great job with most things on this camera, with a special mention about the Grip which is the best fit on any MFT camera.

The EVF is fine when you hold your eye "dead Center" tight against the EVF but if you move your eye even by a minuscule amount the image smears even the text on the screen smears.

Now this may or may not be an issue for some people but my advise is check this before you buy.


What kind of eye movement are you talking about? Are you saying that the smearing occurs for you when:

  • you swivel your eyeball while keeping the viewfinder in a constant position relative to your face?
  • you are moving the whole camera relative to your face?

With my GH2 I find that I tend to keep the camera in a fixed position relative to my face and can swivel my eyeball without any smearing problems.

Your advice on returns may not be easy to implement in the UK at present as the early adopters appear to be leaping on any stock regardless of the price.

I think that better advice would be to buy the camera from a dealer only when you have held it in your hands and looked through the viewfinder. I find that buying any camera is best done in the same way as you buy shoes; it is always best to try them on before you buy them.

If you are buying online in the UK then I have found with other electronic equipment that retailers like Amazon have a very good returns policy.

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