Help with Portalite Elinchrom 500

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Re: Help with Portalite Elinchrom 500

Peter Berressem wrote:

Hm... very strange. The flashes are independent, they don't communicate other than by their photo cells. So it's correct that the other gets triggered by the impulse of the one you push the button.

Anyway, pressing the "open" (test) button on the flash trips a flash, no matter of any setting. Don't get me wrong, are you absolutely sure that the second flash fires by triggering the other?

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cheers, Peter

Lets Call One light A and other Light B.  When I turn on A&B, and I press the test button on the remote, both A & B flashes.  When I turn off A, and press the test button, I hear B go off like its flashing but no flash.   When I turn B off and leave A on, A would flash fine.  I checked to make sure both light have same setting.  I even turn them both off and tried it another day, and just turn only B on first and no flash, just the sound as if it is flashing.  Then I turn A on with B on and both A & B flashes.   Very strange....

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