Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

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Re: re: not having the issue you are

Jay A wrote:


I just went from a very dark room to a very lightroom at home and I am not having the problem you are having. The transition for me is a fraction of a fraction of a seconds fraction.

I am able to focus, shoot, without any problem in viewing at all.

Perhaps there is something wrong with your camera.

It's not a matter of going from a dark room to a light room. It's more a matter of pointing it into a dark area and then quickly pointing it towards a light one...kind've like if you are shooting into a shadow and then all of a sudden see something in a light area that you want to catch quickly. Move the camera to repoint and it just takes too long to readjust the brightness inside the finder, then focus and shoot. By the time you do that you may have missed the opportunity to get the shot.

It's possible that camera settings and the attached lens are playing a role in this. You should share your settings and lens details with each other to get a better comparison.


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