Ken Rockwell's comments on Sony's color rendition

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Sony Nex color accuracy???

Interesting, I was just researching over the web on various cameras color. I think color like or dislike is fairly subjective. But accuracy to some extend can be measured. I found the imaging-resource review test on saturation and hue accuracy. I wish dpreview can do test on color profile as I think it is as important as an mtf number, if not more important.

According to the test, the Nex 5n/7 has a bit higher than average default saturation (112.8%/111.9%) and higher than average hue error (5.69, 5.28). So Sony's color accuracy might not be so accurate relative to others.

The test also shows Samsung NX200 has more accurate color with saturation at 108.5% and hue error 3.71, Fuji Xpro is 110.9% / 3.86. Canon 5DII 105.3% / 3.94 . You can check for others.

I have both Samsung NX200 and Sony Nex 5, subjectively, I like Samsung color a bit more, but that's just me. I wonder if that has any relation to those color tests.

Anyways, color like or dislike is fairly subjective, but Rockwell may not be totally off.

But I found his comparison of the Nex kit to a Leica lens a bit silly, the kit is an ok lens for what it is, but I don't think it can render the texture or 3-D image like that of a good German lens.

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