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Re: Image stabilisation test

A good test platform would have to be based on a good characterization of hand and arm tremors.  For instance by putting accelerometers on a hand holding a test camera.  Or having high speed cameras look at a hand held camera with tracking targets mounted on it. You would need to measure the six degrees of freedom (XYZ, tip, tilt, yaw)   Another approach is to mount a small laser on a camera, have it be handheld and record the position of the laser spot on a wall some distance away and record the motion of the spot with a high speed camera.  That gives you the tip/tilt fluctuations which are the major problem

You would need to characterize many different people using a variety of test cameras.   The results for a heavy camera would be different than for a light camera.  And there would be a lot of variability between people.  Some people have steady hands, some don't.   I know I have gotten different results on the same camera when I have altered how I hold a camera so this appears to be a complicated subject.

I know of at least one website that does not seem to understand any of these issues and rates camera stabilization using a shaker that only has XYZ motion.  They get results that don't seem to make much sense.

I am sure the camera companies have done a lot of this kind of work because it would be nearly impossible to design an effective stablization method without having this basic input information.  I don't think anyone has published anything to form the basis of a standard test.  If anyone knows of any information along these lines, I think a lot of us would like to see it.

In the meantime, the man who reviews the cameras at  puts all the cameras through the same tests and he includes a test holding the camera by hand and looking at the features on a cropped image of a steeple.    You can get a really good idea of the image stablization of different cameras compare by looking at his images.   We just have to assume he has typical hand tremors characteristics and is not showing a lot of variation as he gets older like all of us, or just plain old bad days like a lot of us sometimes do.

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