I've learned my Panasonic lesson - LX7 $299

Started Nov 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
alexb76 Junior Member • Posts: 47
Re: I've learned my Panasonic lesson - LX7 $299

I agree with your ascertion that this hurts companies in the long run... Electronics market in general is like a race to bottom, unless you're called "Apple" who can charge whatever they want as they got a cult culture supporting them.

However, LX7 is NOT on sale for $299 everywhere. Here in Canada, it's $539 and no discount, Bestbuy doesn't have it, and may other companies don't offer that. Also, Amazon prices are set by computers, for instance, last week LX5 was $250, then yesterday went up to $342, and then today, again down to $250... so LX7 might be in the same way, getting priced per demand/supply/inventory.  I bet when inventory goes down, price goes back up.

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