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Wils Wong
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Re: Or Fujifilm X-E1?

So do one shoot with ISO that is super accurate but has bad ISO performance or one shoot with good Image Quality despite the ISO derivation is not accurate?

Sometimes going by the book on how ISO is calculated and used will lead to the many ISO sensor noise due to the algorithm in sensor noise cleaning.

In the end, one should judge the ISO noise based on what has been done to the Image Quality. If it is not that accurate and yet the picture is gorgeous, which one would you want to have?


If one find a car super efficient in fuel consumption but uses another method mechanically that is dramatically different from the industrial norm, isn't that a good thing? That would mean someone is thinking out of the box!

As for 'focusing' I think it is the worst accusation ever especially when the X-E1 is concerned. Do go and try it out. Although the focusing in terms of absolute speed will not be as good as DSLRs, the difference is now very minute in most shooting situations. I implore people to measure in the field what is the notion of 'slow focus'. One thing for sure is that the hunting is larglye eradicated, if not have very little incidence of it.

I think we want everything to be spoken in fairness and judge a camera accordingly.  A lot of times when I talked to people who are overly critical of the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras with the new firmware usually rely a lot on the AF of the DSLRs in Area AF modes. If people can take sharp pictures with the said cameras in challenging situations, then I wonder how the camera can be that bad. Perhaps it is time to think the way you focus as the main issue or the inability to use the equipment.

Yes and there will be people who would say, "I have spent good money on an equipment that I expect it to work". Fair comment. But would one who bought a sophisticated sports car control the car effectively on the first drive?  Even BMW or Ferrari have driving lessons for experienced drivers too for their cars so that they can fully enjoy the expensive cars they drive. So wouldn't that apply to the things we use?
If we rage against people judging us as a person only on the negative side, or worse, misrepresenting the problem totally off the charts, then we should accord the fair treatment and comments.

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