Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

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Re: Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

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I have always hated EVFs... but my x100 has the best of both worlds... the OVF for most subjects and I can switch to EVF when in macro mode so I get eassentially an SLR view! Why anyone would want an EVF is beyond me... I know they're better than they were a few years ago, but we're still miles from home when it comes to "life-like" performance.

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The first camera that I have seen with (in my opinion) a good enough EVF is the Nikon V1. However, other than that I hate the camera so it's not an option.

The Nikon has 1.44m vs X-E1 2.4m. More pixels to refresh and update on the Fuji. Fuji stated in a Japan interview that the refresh rate was 45fps with less than 20ms lag. Its possible the EXR Processor is at it's peak and cant process any faster, or this EVF is slightly lower grade than the same one in the Sony.

I have looked through many EVfs. I honestly don't care what the specs are and can only say that the Nikon V1 EVF is the best I have ever looked through, period (it's the contrast). The Fuji may have more pixels and refresh faster but the Nikon looks more natural, softer, smoother. I have found the Fuji and Sony to be way over contrasty and saturated. Kind've like a TV set with the color and contrast turned up too far.

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