FZ200 - More indoor hockey rink photos shot ... ISO 1600, Topaz Denoise

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Re: FZ200 - More indoor hockey rink photos shot ... ISO 1600, Topaz Denoise

Rudy, thanks for sharing these photos and especially your settings. These are excellent for this camera. I am always amazed at the photos some folks can get with practice with this camera. I have printed out your post to try your settings at my grandsons next indoor hockey game. I also might try manual exposure. Did you notice any difference shooting in single shot mode vs 5.5 fps burst vs 12 fps burst? Have you tried 5.5 vs 5.5af mode (note: I am still trying to learn this camera and not sure the difference between 5.5 and 5.5AF mode). I am still having trouble shooting at ISO 800 and wouldn't even attempt ISO 1600 right now.

I do realize your goal was to show that you could take ISO 1600 images and get good results with minimum effort and you succeeded. You captured some great photos.

However, just a suggestion. When viewing on my monitor the noise reduction seems a little extreme. Have you tried playing with the noise reduction software and dialing it down a little as I think the default might be too much and with a little less noise reduction you might get even better results.

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