How do you manually focus a 5d3 while shooting video?

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Re: Thank you for the replies.

Wow those certainly sounded like answers from stills photographers. "Buy another camera" doesn't pay much respect to the fact that the 5Dmk2 lit up the filmmaking word like a roman candle. You simply could not get depth of field in video for anything near the price of this camera.

And manual focus is how the pros do it. They don't use autofocus. Ok its great for Jimmy's birthday party, but if you're producing serious video you will be manually focusing.

Check out the DSLR Film Noobs very helpful reviews of gear if you want to do more video:

You should start with a focus loupe. Hoodman makes cheaper ones, but they stick to the back of the camera and don't have a diopter to adjust to your vision. Zacuto makes the best, the Z-finder. It mounds to the tripod mount on the bottom of the camera.

You can also use a field monitor. Lilliput makes decent ones. Marshal's are even better.

So now you can see better to focus, how do you focus?

You can either get a Follow Focus. I just bought a Fotga DP500 II on ebay for $135 that is very well reviewed. That's cheap!

You'll want a basic rod/mount plate kit like this to attach the follow focus to:

You can also get a USB follow focus. The film noob reviews a nice one for under $200. But the thing I like about that Fotga FF is it has 2 pins you can set two focal points to rack from one to the other.

Hope this helps!

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