Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

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Re: Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

uniball wrote:

Jay A wrote:

Well, if I have the camera hanging from my neck, see something that I want to shoot quickly, and then lift the camera to my eye, if it's a bright scene I can barely see anything through the viewfinder until it adjusts to that brighter scene. By the time this happens, the picture may be lost.

Honestly you guys are making light of this but it can be a problem.

My wife has a camera (Panasonic GH2) with an EVF and I took that one out of the closet to compare. There is no comparison whatsoever. When I lift hers to my eye, the EVF adjusts almost instantly.

Again, I wonder whether there might be something wrong with my XE-1. Not trying to flame or anything here, I really am not, but I just don't see how it can be useable like this.

Can anyone with the XE-1 confirm that its EVF adjusts from dark to bright scenes slowly like this?

Assuming there is a 1 second lag between going from very bright to very dim, what can you do in that second besides frame your shot and trust the camera to do the rest? You can certainly see well enough to compose. Beyond that, if your shooting time needs to be less than a second, are you going to be able to play with aperture, manual focus or contemplate shadow detail?

On my X100 there is a lag of about a second going from very dark (not dim) to pointing it into a light bulb a couple of feet away. But its certainly no issue getting a shot off before the evf fully adjusts if speed is of the essence. The gating factor in the situation you refer to is af speed, not the evf.

The processing power needed to demosaic the output from the sensor is simply much higher than from a regular Bayer-patterned one. So yes, even with the same efv, the Fuji will take more time to adjust or refresh. What you get in return is IQ.

Perhaps, but having used optical viewfinders all my life, I find it disconcerting nevertheless. With an optical finder, you look through and you see the scene without having to wait for anything at all. As I have said, I either get used to it and accept its deficiencies and advantages, or I end up exchange it for the XP1. I will know after another few days of use.

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