Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

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Re: Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

David V wrote:

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David V wrote:

Jay A wrote:

I owned both an X100 and an XPRO-1(returned it when I learned the XE-1 was coming) for awhile but rarely if ever used the EVF. I liked the OVF but figured that since Fuji had some zooms coming, the EVF route may be a better choice. So, I guess I either accept it and get used to it, or I bring it back and get another XPRO-1.

It's a shame though. Obviously an things can be made to adjust much quicker (as does the GH2), but I guess all the Fujis just do some things rather slowly (focusing for one) compared to some other cameras.

Fuji has delivered improvements with each of their firmware revisions, so we may see EVF performance improvements much like what were delivered in the way of AF on the XP1. In any event, I still feel that for my shooting, the EVF is useable as is the rear screen LCD, and does not prevent me from getting good images at this point. As I run into more scenarios over time, I may feel differently, but for now I am excited about the future of this system.

David, what film setting are you using (or do you use different ones for different scenes)?

Mostly Provia as I think it produces a beautifully natural color image. I also use Monochrome (no filters) for my B&W and I shoot them individually if I want to capture the RAW file simultaneously.

When I am testing, I have been doing film bracketing which allows me to assign three different film sim JPEGS to be created with each shutter actuation, however in this mode, you cannot capture the RAW file associated with those JPEGS. (in this case I usually capture Provia, Velvia and Monochrome).

Thanks. I have been shooting mainly with Pro Neg H because I felt it produced richer blacks than Provia. I am gonna do some bracketing with the two though for a bit.

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