Canon shooter taking the D800E plunge. Advice needed.

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Re: Canon shooter taking the D800E plunge. Advice needed.

bigpigbig wrote:

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Don't do it.

I took the plunge sold my 5D3 and bought an D800, little did I know I was a victim of the Dreaded AF issue. Sold it 2 weeks later and lost about 900$.

Nikon obviously has their hands firmly over their ears regarding the issue, still no fix to date.

I honestly question those who claim they have no AF issues. I have a few friends who own D800's for months and claim they don't have AF issues. Well, I tested their cameras last week and guess what? They have AF issues.

Most don't properly test their AF to even care, hell, I didn't even know about the issue until I got done with my shoot and noticed majority of the portrait shots are out of focus.

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"Dreaded AF Issue"

Please. Spare us.

99% of the photos I have taken with the D800E are (technically) better than anything I EVER got out of my Canons (10D, 30D, 40D, 5D MKII, 1D MKIV + 8-15, 24, 24-105, 85, 100 macro, 70-200, 300).

If you shoot everything in AF mode and use the left AF point only then I would understand.

I have used AF-C extensively for sports and shot VERY low light theater dance. Both pushing the AF of a camera to the limit. My 1D MKIV would have struggled. The D800E AF is amazing. Not perfect. 36 MP will show any fault. But very very good.

I would STRONGLY recommend lens specific AF adjust. All of my lenses needed different adjust settings. Once set, they are pin sharp. Before doing this, I was disappointed with my 14-24 and 70-200. Now they are two of the best performing lenses I have ever owned.

Glad you're happy with your camera.  I'm not gonna take anything away from that.

I shoot anywhere from 3-7k photos per week.  Depending on how busy of a week I have.  Throw in a few catalog jobs and I'll clear 10k easily.

I use pretty much everything from single shot to continuous.  I do a lot of portraits, vertical shooting where I need to utilize the side AF points.

If I can't rely on the AF points, the camera is useless.  Try to explain to a client why the photo is out of focus.

"36MP will show any fault?"  Please. Spare us that pitiful excuse.  Out of focus is out of focus, no matter how big the format maybe.

I try not to microadjust a zoom lens for a very simple reason... if you adjust one side of the zoom, that throws the other side off.  If the adjustment is too severe then you basically have a handicap zoom lens.

Canon 5D3 has a option to adjust both wide and telephoto on a zoom.

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