Serious D800 / 800E Questions Before I Buy!

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Re: Serious D800 / 800E Questions Before I Buy!

Can you put more RAM into either of them? You can get by with 8gb, but 16gb would be better. It also depends on how much heavy lifting you ask it to do. I do a lot of focus stacking with D800E images. When running Lightroom 4.2 and CS6 and stacking a lot of images, I can use most of 16gb. With 8gb you might have to quit one or both programs to clear things out for the next batch.

I don't do anything that I would consider super intensive. I use Nik Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro quite a lot though, and Photoshop's Merge To HDR sometimes.

You lose dynamic range as you increase ISO. The D800/E has about a one stop wider DR at 100 ISO than the D4. From about ISO 300 and up, they are roughly equal.

If you look at noise, you have to downsample the D800 image to the resolution of the D4. I've not looked at this because it doesn't affect me.

Hmmm, everything that I've read and heard is that the D4 is much better at high ISO than the D800 is.

I have a D800E. For landscape shooting, I think the D800/E is a no brainer over the D4. The two cameras were designed for different purposes. The D4 is for professional photojournalism and event shooting. The D800/E were designed to for landscape and studio shooting.

The choice between the D800 and D800E is a minor one. The differences in detail and moiré are subtle.

Obviously I realize the D4 and the D800 are two different cameras. I'm just trying to figure out if I would be happy with the D800 instead of the D4. I would absolutely have to have the grip if I went with the 800, and I'm not 100% satisfied with the Nikon grip on my D7000... It's fairly good, but there is a small amount of wiggle and the D800 & grip would probably be similar... the D600 with grip was just like my D7000 & grip. No question the D4 would be rock solid.

I should also mention that when doing the zoo photography, I am hand holding... Maybe the ultra high resolution of the D800 wouldn't be as good for hand held shots as the D4?!?

I rarely print larger than 11x14 so the 36mp of the D800 is ridiculous! But that camera is $3000 instead of $6000, so I'm looking at it also. Maybe by April when I'll have the money, the D4 will have came down in price a bit!

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